Restaurant Equipment Consultants

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Restaurant Consultant Services


WHAT I WILL DO - I will meet with you for a consultation to get to know you and to understand your potential new Restaurant concept and discuss your thoughts on your menu. My knowledge and contacts in the Foodservice industry will be invaluable to help you have a successful new venue. I can help you develop a Business Plan to prepare you for gaining financing.
TO START WITH - We will go over the important things you need to know and do before signing a lease. I will look at your proposed location or if you do not have one I will help you find a location. I will evaluate the possibilities of it being a viable space. I will then work with you to make sure your concept is viable based on a number of things including the demographics of the area you are in. I will work with you to make sure your menu is an interesting and profitable tool to make your Restaurant a success.  I have developed a list of service providers such as Contractors that have experience in Restaurant build-outs, Hood, walk-in and gas-line installers that are proven, reliable, and honest professionals with many years of Restaurant construction and installation experience. An Architect, Restaurant Kitchen, Bar and Dining Room Designer, Interior Designer and a Graphic Designer  will also be recommended. The Energy Trust Rebate program will also be explained. Point of Sale (P.O.S.) Systems will be profiled. A Restaurant Accountant and Restaurant Attorney will be recommended. Credit Card processors and Signage providers will be profiled. We will go over extensive information on how to make your Restaurant PROFITABLE, financing options, hiring and training staff, Employee Handbook, legalities of your business and much, much more.

Lynn with Joe Rapport, owner Joe's Burgers

Lynn with Tom Rose and Mark Gillgam,
Roses Restaurant Equipment

NEXT - I will go over NEW vs. USED Restaurant Equipment, What is OK to buy and what is NOT OK to buy. I will go over City, Health Department, Lottery (if you want this), and O.L.C.C. regulations and requirements. I will help you secure these licenses if needed. I will give you a list of Restaurant Equipment Warranty service providers.

Lynn with chef David Anderson, Genoa

LASTLY - Once you have your location I will meet with you and the Restaurant Design firm with equipment selection. I will go with you to Restaurant equipment supply companies to select equipment based on my recommendations according to your menu requirements and kitchen design. I will negotiate the BEST PRICE possible. I do not sell Restaurant equipment any longer and I will be your ADVOCATE in your selection and purchase of your equipment. I will visit your location during and after your installation to make sure everything will pass inspection. I will be there for you thru your opening day and beyond if needed. A phone consultation here and there will always be welcomed free of charge. I want to see you succeed!

Lynn with Jean Pierre Viellet,
owner Siteworks Design/ Build

Lynn with Leather Storres, owner Noble Rot
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