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Restaurant Consultant Portland, Oregon

From Concept development, to Site evaluation, to forming a Business Plan, to Equipment selection, and negotiating the best price possible; my 40 years of experience in the Foodservice industry will be invaluable in helping you avoid the mistakes and pitfalls in opening and operating a new Restaurant. I will be there for you from concept to opening to help develop your new Restaurant to be a success.

There is a difference between those that are in the Restaurant business and those that are in the business of Restaurants. The latter uses information from data derived from his Point of Sale system and has set in place operational systems and the former operates on limited information and a gut feeling. This can be the difference between success and failure. I can help you set up the systems that are needed to make the critical information accessible. To start with key elements must be considered at the very beginning . Concept development, Finance, Design, Construction, Site development, growth, operations, and Culinary Arts. You need to surround yourself with solid professionals that I can provide. My team of Restaurant Designers, Contractors, Installers, accounting, P.O.S. systems, Restaurant equipment dealers and much more will insure a positive outcome and profitable Restaurant.

Thinking about buying an existing Restaurant?

Lynn with Steve Waddle, owner Duck Tails Kitchen
Let me take a look on the feasibility of the purchase.
What does the existing Restaurant have going for it? What problems does the existing Restaurant have? What changes possibly need to be made? I will take a look at it with an objective set of eyes. Why buy a problem that may be too big to fix.

Food Carts going Brick and Mortar?
Let me help you get started.

Restaurant site location and analysis, Restaurant design, Equipment selection and price negotiation, help with the permitting process, Provider/ Vendor recommendations, and much, much more. Also you will be surprised at how reasonable my fees are!

Restaurant Equipment Consultants is now offering another service. "The Restaurant Fix". Frank Ernandes owner of Touché in Portland's Pearl District and Mazzi's in Eugene and Chef Maurizo Paparo owner of The Excelsior Inn in Eugene have joined me in this new service. This is for existing Restaurants that need a new set of eyes to analyze your Restaurant and offer solutions to help your Restaurant business realize its potential and profitability. Call for a FREE CONFIDENTIAL Consultation. We can help.

Contact me, Lynn Brown, at:


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